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Jiangsu Guoyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Solar Panel

We offer whole range solar panel products from mono to poly ,from silver to black. And the power is from 5W to 350W. meanwhile,lightweight panel is outdoor portable and also useful for small distributor power station. And double glass solar panel is good at fireproof performance apart from Anti-PID function. All In all ,we provide normal standard solar panel ,and customize specific solar panel products for customers.

We produce solar panel to meet different system battery voltage requirement.leading as a perfect power supply for customers required off grid system


60 /72 pcs solar cells are in string connection in one standard solar panel. the rated power is from 265w to 360w ,and this manufactured panel is the most matured products in on grid system.



Using the 2.5mm/2mm tempered glass to replace the traditional backsheet in the solar panel . not only avoiding the PID defects in the solar panel ,it also increase the solar panel lifetime to 40years.